November 1, 2014

Startup CEO reading for 11.2.2014

Mitch Russo
    The Invisible Call Center - this is big. I know this guy. Good man.  Highly recommend.
     4 Key Questions to Help You Get Ready for Angel Investors
    Relax. Be productive. Get Results in 5 steps.
    Business Strategy Advice: What makes a company's strategy bad?
    Whitney Sales’s Method on Startup Sales Strategy

New York Times
    What if Age is Nothing But a Mind Set? - (*****) this is an example of the power of the mind, and it applies to everything in our lives, not just "age".

    The Pros and Cons of Open Plan Offices
    The Top 10 Business Books  (according to 550 entrepreneurs)

Isn't it strange that a diet book is #8 on the above list of the best Business books? Hmmm...

You may want to know about some of my favorite business books, and that's why there's that tab at the top to this page, just below the photo, the one that says "Library".  Or you can browse my book store on amazon at this link:

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