June 2, 2014

Your Company Library

Trinity College Library,  Dublin.
Your Company Library will likely be more compact.

Why a "Company Library"?

Your Company Library is a powerful system for communication. The primary job of the CEO is to communicate. Not just the goals of the business, but also how the organization is to work.

The most effective, and efficient, way to do this is with a Company Library that contains books, audios, and links to online resources that deal with the most important aspects of the company's philosophy and operations.

Some of these volumes are to be consumed by everyone in the organization. Others are for just the members of a particular department, such as Sales or R & D. It should be determined by each business owner those volumes that are to be consumed prior to employment, and after, and even how many times per year these volumes are to be reviewed. Repetition is important.

The purpose is to have everyone in the organization be crystal clear when it comes to the basic philosophies of the company, the corporate culture, the goals, and what is required for continued participation in the adventure.

I have created a two lists of recommended books, one for startups, and a more complete list for companies a bit further along.  

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