March 17, 2011

IdeaGrinder™ - solving the world's problems, one at a time...


solving the world's problems, one at a time...

Got a great idea?  Run it through IdeaGrinder for a second opinion.  It could save you a lot of time and money, or it could give you the Green Light.  Privacy assured.

Free unlimited use for individuals. Business versions are $4.99 per use.

This version of IdeaGrinder (A-2.2), is designed tor the professional "angel" investor who must make quick investment decisions from among multiple and varied businesses that continue to evolve.

It's smart to run your options through IdeaGrinder!

Other versions are available for the startup entrepreneur, the VC, bank, broker, and many other vertical markets.

IdeaGrinder is browser based and  runs now on PC and Mac, iPad, and even iPhone and Android.  Multiple users can share the same IdeaGrinder document for only slightly more.

Current IdeaGrinder versions and pricing plans are available at

IdeaGrinder is in beta. We're focused, determined and adequately funded.  It's a sure formula for success!  (We ran it through IdeaGrinder!)

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Wanted: software geniuses who are motivated by greatness and stock options.

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Coming soon:
Network effects database -continuously improves the value of IdeaGrinder to the ever-growing community of users ("IdeaGrinders").

Other opportunities available with IdeaGrinder:
Editorial content
Private Label Branding